Cats The Musical 3 Week Audition Process

August 7th-28th

After the Sweet Bird Summer Intensive I returned back to NYC for an ECC call for the national tour of Cats The Musical. This audition went from one week to three weeks. This by far was one of the most exciting yet nerve wrecking experiences I’ve ever had. It went from dancing for a spot as a possible ensemble member to actually being considered for a principle role. We went round after round call back after callback for weeks until they had seen enough. I had the opportunity of meeting the entire creative staff and producers. We were sent new songs every other day and had to be prepared the next morning for the next audition.

The biggest lesson I learned from this process is that you have to show up every time you enter the room. No matter what it takes you must prepare for the task at hand. I had to force myself to stay up and learn those new songs if I really wanted to make it through the next round. I pushed myself past my breaking point and it all paid off. I am beyond proud of myself for making it all the way through this process. If I get the job I’ll be more than excited. But overall I am already proud of myself for even going for a job of this status.

Now I am currently waiting patiently to see if I actually got the job or not. I’m hoping to find out within the next two weeks. The waiting process is nerve wrecking and exciting all at the same time.

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