But wait there’s more

There are thoughts about this grand experiment I’ve called the scrolls. I know if I want to move forward to make them viable for future exhibits I have to perfect their functionality which means taking away some of their meaning. They aren’t supposed to be perfect so that there is a fix imbedded in the function but they can’t be so frustrating they get left for dead either. Ive been toying with finding a fabricator who is willing to reinvent the wheel with me for cheap! These things are money. I have none left which causes a bit of stress that I am sure every artist relates too.

So I’ll pretend there’s a steady flow of money and go on with my idea. Which is that I will  basically create exact sets so they run smoothly, the material has to be strong and light weight. I am thinking aluminum. Next a slit will run the whole way form end to end of the top and bottom spools so the paintings can slide in like feeding a piece of paper into a copy machine. The painting edges will stay in place by creating a lip on the canvas which will stop the canvas from slipping out. To address the pulley system I would like to devise a rubber sprocket so the rope can’t pull freely or wear down and become slippery. I would like to keep the natural elements that I feel are integral to the work, like the rope and the wood and paper, or Ill have to do a deep dive as to how the mechanics reflect a new meaning where somethings are machine made and they make sense to the work as a whole. So YES, THERE’S MORE!

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