What I do in my art by Kevin Grass

What I do in my art by Kevin Grass

Our son Nicholas recently sent me an interesting 18-minute video: Golden Circle Marketing Principles. We had been talking about how I can tell people more about what I do as an artist. I was hoping to find a cool slogan, such as Thomas Kincade’s “the painter of light” or Clyde Butcher’s “art from the heart.” Unfortunately, I still have not come up with something that snappy. (I would be glad for any suggestions, though! : )

The TED talk in the video led me to think that maybe it would be helpful if I had a short video that explained what I do in my artwork. We contacted one of Nicholas’s friends, who is a film major at the University of Central Florida, and Maggie Hudak and her boyfriend agreed to shoot the video for a small fee.

Kevin Grass is about to be filmed for his promo video

Kevin Grass, about to be filmed for his promo video.

As you can see below, we had to have a wardrobe change first. The blue-green shirt looked better with my Schooner Racing the Storm painting that I am currently working on than my typical black shirt.

Kevin Grass in his small art studio, about to be filmed

My 10-foot by 10-foot small art studio at home is pretty cramped. With all of the photo equipment and two people working on the filming in place, it was practically claustrophobic!

It took several hours to create the following 3-minute video. I hope it is helpful in explaining further what I try to do as an artist.

Enjoy! I hope you liked reading my 22 blog posts about the creation of my Not #MeToo: No More Casting Couch painting and what I’m doing now to help market my work.

I would once again like to thank Creative Pinellas for honoring me with an artist grant to help me realize my big piece for the Art Prize 10 competition in Grand Rapids. Please wish me luck there from September 19-October 7. If you happen to be in Grand Rapids, don’t forget to swing by the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum to see the piece and to vote for No. 66841!

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To see my entire portfolio of paintings, please check out www.kevingrass.art! You can purchase original paintings and fine art print reproductions directly from my website.

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