Being Seen

There are two types of artists. There is the artist that loves to be seen by the public and lives for any and all exposure. Then there is the artist that hides away to create their masterpieces and only reveals themselves in cycles when necessary. I fall into the later category.

I’m an introvert by nature and have to go within to create. But I also have a social side that feels trapped when I don’t get out enough. Over the years I have found a balance between the two. My periods of hiding away to work allow me enough resources to go out and socialize. When I tell people I first meet I’m an introvert they are usually surprised until they experience my going within phase.

I’m grateful for people like my mentor, Mary Childs, who gently encouraged me to open up more about my work and my process. She encouraged me to get on the other side of the camera. It’s helped me to stretch out of my comfort zone and to share more.

Recently I put together a video that gives a sneak peak into my studio, process, and some of my intentions behind my work. I’m hoping to put more videos like these together this year, so make sure to give me a follow!



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