Bees in the Hive | COVEaween Art Bash

Fond memories were made at the COVEŒæSaturday night. The Halloween party offered a family-like atmosphere with haunted decor.Œæ Artists met up with friends and made some new ones.Œæ Most of the guests wore costumes, and the getups were inventive and elaborate. And of course a lot of Pinellas’s younger artists were in attendance, especially the muralists. Some were part of the current exhibit “Dark Matter.”

Derek’s van with some of Stephen Paladino’s signature pulp style. #Goodandshiddy


Anthony Andretti did some live paintings.


Donnelly in full joker regalia with good friend Joe Magazino.


Von Zombo‘s artwork was in the front of the COVE. He was testing the atmospheric black light.


Original Art by Brooklyn.


Surreal pieces by Sebastian Coolidge.


Jacob Troyli‘s lounging demon.


Cute zombie by Mark Stevens, Aurailieus Artist.


Unique zombie gnomes by Boo Ehrsam.


Van Der Luc‘s techie creation.


Jeremy Trevií±o‘sŒæDon’t be a Hero.


Awesome costume by one of the guests, Bill Cason.


Donnelly’s new purple mural. A scaly cyclops up close!


Skeleton dinosaur chilling on the back porch.


Amazing costume by Donnelly’s uncleŒæäóìScuba Steve,äó Pat Donnelly.


Derek’s brother Timmy Donnelly Jr.Œæwith father, Tim Donnelly.


Guests dressed up as Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera.


Von Zombo and Jennifer Chandley.


Deidra Leigh‘s Surrogate Rage.


Scott HillisξCreature Feature.


Artists Jennifer Chandley, Van Der Luc and Scott Hillis.


Trevií±oŒæshowing me his new tattoos by his comical pieces.


Jennifer Chandley’s unique portrait. IG:Œæ@jenipherchandley


Carlos Pons Paz impresses with mechanical war-like nightmare.


Sweet Rhyno costume by one of the guests.


Mason Schwacke’s multifaceted “Identity.”ŒæIG: @masonschwacke


Van Der Luc with Boo Ehrsam, who was dressed as Abused Mother Earth.


Sebastian Coolidge and Jeremy Trevií±o — no words. #RickandMorty


Conjoined Drunken Cousins, 3D printed custom glasses by Alex Kaufmanξ(right).


John L. Gascot golden genie costume was killer. He’s hanging out with “hippie” husband, Ron Diana.


Teen Werewolf get-up snap.


Cam Parker, center, with friendŒæ@soberbutamess (left) and “The Joker” Donnelly.


Designer, professor, musician and all-around Burg celebrity Dick Patterson.





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