Bees in the Hive | 2017 Emerging Artists Edition

We had a great feeling returning to the Creative PinellasŒæa the massive space Gulf Coast Museum space at the Florida Botanical GardensŒæfor the opening reception of the historicŒæEmerging Artist New Work Exhibition.ŒæŒæHere’s a quick glance at the images from the night’s landmark event:

Fragments of Jacob Troyli’s unique self-portraits.
Jacob Troyli with his creative work.
Robert Stackhouse ofξMickettstackhouse Studios, the couple showed their support.
Detail of superb installation by Kenny Jensen.
Dunedin-based artist Kenny Jensen by his unique installation inspired by the damage Hurricane Irma wrought on his property. Also, here you can see the proportion of the wondrous peep-hole that peers into the otherworldly piece below.
Inside Kenny Jensen’s Rhizome Nebula.
Kenny Jensen’s Rhizome Nebula‘s set up, taken from outside the Creative Pinellas building.
Nathan Beard’s intricate tapestries.
Artist Babs Reingold with Elizabeth Brincklow in front of Beard’s works.
Nathan Beard inspecting his massive piece.
Up close with Nathan.
Fragment of the work by Elizabeth Barenis. In front of Robin O’Dell, MFAŒæphotographic collection curator.
Curator of Contemporary Art at the MFA Katherine Pill with painter Leslie Neumann. Pill offered the quote of the day in reference to the museum’s upcoming “Star Wars and the Power of Costume” exhibition: “We unpacked Yoda today.”
Emerging Artist Shannon Leah Halvorsen with her stirring, detailed works depicting the Civil Rights marches and Holocaust on scratch board.
Detail of Shannon Leah Halvorsen’s politically charged work.


We caught painter and all-time-favorite Steven Kenny staring at amazing etchings byξ Halvorsen.
Carla Bristol, Creative Pinellas Board Member and local artist and curator, with Barbara St. Clair, Executive Director of Creative Pinellas.


Snap of Emerging ArtistξKellie Harmon starting her contemporary dance performance in the middle of the show.


The aftermath of Harmon’s performance.


Pinellas County Commissioner Karen Williams Seel.


Emerging ArtistξGloria Munoz recites new verse.


Professional actors (l-r)ŒæMichele Young, Vivienne Brown,ŒæJohanna R Griesí© andŒæJamie LaBudde perform a reading of the screenplay forŒæMonarch by Emerging Artist/screenwriterŒæJeff George.


Emerging Artist, composer and amazing drummer Mark Feinman performed an awesomely atmospheric original work with his band-mates inξξLa Lucha.


La Lucha bassist Alejandro Arenas performing Feinman’s arrangements.


La Lucha pianist John O’Leary joins in on Feinman’s unique composition.


Lauren Davenport, Vice President of Creative Pinellas Board of Directors, with Barbara St. Clair, Executive Director.


Detail of clever video installation by Desireí© Moore.


Detail of Desireí© Moore’s study on reflection and self image.


Artsy shot of Creative Pinellas Digital Content Manager Danny Olda walking into Desireí© Moore’s video installation.
Another closer angle of Desireí© Moore’s work.
Desireí© Moore in her video installation.
Master dance instructor Helen Hansen French posing in front of Nathan Beard’s work. She’ll be performing in the “Our Trail” series with Harmon, beginning Nov. 4 at the Botanical Gardens.

Poetry grantee Gloria Munoz with St. Petersburg-based writer

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