Unique Dance Collaborations

April 5 at 8 pm
Palladium Theater, St Pete
Details here

Since its electrifying debut in 2015, BEACON – the critically acclaimed platform for producing dance and multidisciplinary collaborations – has helped propel the ever-expanding Tampa Bay professional dance community into unique collaborations, and nurtured the growth of both emerging and established dance artists who call St. Pete home.

John O’Leary III and Helen Hansen French in Imperfect Joys – photo by Sorcha Augustine, Beacon 2023

Co-producers Helen French and Lauren Slone are thrilled to announce that BEACON ‘24 features four world premieres, 20 dance artists, two local dance companies, two live musicians, one spoken word artist and one dance film.

Heidi Brewer, Abigail Hinson, Sadie Lehmker, Michael Foley and Fernando Chonqui in Persephone In Hell – photo by Tom Kramer, Beacon 2018

This year’s program includes, St. Petersburg-based dance company, projectALCHEMY’s Within.Without. – a dance experience exploring the sensation of being lost within a spectrum, conceived during the pandemic.

Within.Without. physicalizes the emotions that arise with being lost and explores how they resonate within the body and in turn manifest in movement.

projectALCHEMY artistic director Alexander Jones in Doors, with Helen Hansen French – photo by Tom Kramer, Beacon 2019

The second company featured in the program is Sarah Walston Philips’ Atlas Modern Ballet with the premiere of Frozen Angels, a work inspired by an exhibit of Greek figure sculptures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

This dance work embodies the breaking apart of Greek mythological characters and their stories in an exploration of how myth and lore reveal truths about our human nature.

The dancers of Atlas Modern Ballet – photo by Sorcha Augustine, Beacon 2023

In their first co-creation, Heidi Brewer and Sharon McCaman explore the passage of time through light play in their St. Pete neighborhood. Their cinematic exploration pays homage to some historical gems of the Old Northeast and seamlessly merges dance film with live performance.

Their work prompts audiences to reflect on markers of time, the pull and dependency of natural rhythms, and the tangible presence of the here and now.

Heidi Brewer, Abigail Hinson, Sadie Lehmker, Michael Foley and Fernando Chonqui in Persephone In Hell – photo by Tom Kramer, Beacon 2018

This year’s performance also includes beloved dance educators and critically acclaimed performers Andee Scott and Bliss Kohlmyer in the premiere of a duet – a portrait of unrelenting sisterly womanly love – created for them by the world-renowned choreographer Robert Moses.

Kellie Harmon, Crystal DelGuidice and Sean McDonald – photo by Tom Kramer, Beacon 2015

Dance artist Helen French working in collaboration with choreographer Andee Scott will premiere a solo that abstractly explores the nature of motherhood and the ongoing interplay between love and labor.

Charlotte Johnson in Beyond Words – photo by Tom Kramer, Beacon 2018

Charlotte Johnson presents the multi-disciplinary work, iN tHEir miNd, which highlights the reality of mental illness within our community, within those we love, and within ourselves.

Lauren Slone in hot night slow drive fast car – photo by Tom Kramer, Beacon 2019

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