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Zev Buffman runs Clearwater’s Ruth Eckerd Hall. With hundreds of major concerts in multiple venues each year, and an education arm that works with public schools and trains teenagers that Zev books to open for bands like Chicago.

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Zev spent his own teen years carrying a machine gun in the Israeli army. He invented dinner theatre in L.A. when he was in his 20s, owned a network of theatres in Florida and produced dozens of hit Broadway shows.

Zev reworked Andrew Lloyd Webber’s only flop and turned it into a hit, and used his producer’s skills to create the Miami Heat basketball team. He wrangled with Lillian Hellman and spent years working with Elizabeth Taylor, and probably saved her life when he drove her to the Betty Ford Clinic.

Listen to an amazing conversation with a true theatrical legend, who now calls Pinellas County home.

Find out more about Ruth Eckerd Hall – www.rutheckerdhall.com

Ruth Eckerd Hall’s Education programs – www.rutheckerdhall.com/hoffman-school-of-arts

Music Revolution program for Teens – www.rutheckerdhall.com/marcia-p-hoff…tion-projectr

Zev Buffman’s many productions and awards – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zev_Buffman

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