Peter Tush and Kathy White


Arts In: Peter Tush and Kathy White

Kathy White is the Deputy Director of The Salvador Dalí Museum. Peter Tush is the Curator of Education. They met and married at the Dalí and have seen the museum from its early days to its glorious signature home on downtown St. Pete’s waterfront.

You might think that a museum focused on a single artist would only be worth one visit. But the Dalí’s ever-changing offerings range from paintings to sculpture, fashion, photography, mathematics and filmmaking. Along with an array of film, theatre, music, dance, workshops and wide-ranging conversations, The Dalí is not just a destination for international visitors, but a compelling reason for repeat visits by Bay area residents.

Kathy and Peter share the imaginative work behind the scenes at the Dalí, the importance of the volunteer docents and audio tours that invite visitors to deeply explore the exhibits, and the museum’s constant outreach to the local arts community, to local artists and to young creatives.

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