Arts In Podcast – Carol Dameron

The detailed and imaginative paintings of Carol Dameron focus on allegories, unspoken stories and turning points. Her visual style echoes European masters, seen through American eyes.

In this conversation, Carol talks about her European training, new techniques she’s using to re-energize old canvases and the discipline of working as a full-time artist. She details the visceral pleasure of painting on wood, and the allure of creating luminous colors in oils.

She also tells us about a thriving studio shared by 42 artists that paved the way for the Warehouse Arts District, the late lamented Salt Creek Artworks.

Find out more about Carol Dameron’s work at

A look at Salt Creek Artworks –…le-nears/1229621.


Arts In is produced by Sheila Cowley.
Executive Producer, Barbara St. Clair for Creative Pinellas.


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