Arts In Podcast – Bob Barancik

Bob Barancik – Lyrical Abstractions series

Bob Barancik is an adventurous abstract artist who roams through a range of mediums, from painting and collage to printmaking, digital images, video, and three-dimensional boxes and books full of art.

Bob Barancik – Man and Woman series

Bob talks with Barbara St. Clair about working on art inspired by current events, that viewers often aren’t ready for until years later. He’s created gorgeous artwork sparked by climate change, 9/11 and the Deep Water Horizon tragedy, exhibited around the country and has over 100 original works in the Florida Holocaust Museum’s permanent collection.

Bob’s lived and worked in an array of creative communities. . . Portland in the 1970s, Palo Alto as the Silicon Valley boom was just beginning, New York City, Chicago, Maine and Philadelphia. He explains why he chose to live in downtown St. Petersburg, and why this creative community is one of the best.

Explore Bob Barancik’s artwork at

Find out more about his Art Not Hate project at

View Bob’s Mundo Caliente series on climate change at

Images from the book he talks about with Barbara, Lamentations and Beyond: Healing Through Art can be found at

Images and a video from his 9/11 series, Visual Ruminations, are at

Creative Compass, Bob Barancik’s online blog, contains a list of recommended books, articles and videos that were sources of inspiration and practical help to him as an artist –


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