Art of Collecting

Art of Collecting


Sculpture by Paul Benson and painting by St Petersburg artist Lance Rodgers

The best bonus for being an artist is being able to barter with other artists. When I was in college, I made my first barter with an art teacher. He brought me into his downtown Minneapolis studio and told me to pick one piece of artwork. It was so exciting to walk through this towering enchanted forest of colorful sculptures knowing I was going to be able to take one home with me.  The hard part was deciding which one. Thirty-three years later, I still have the sculpture and it still brings me joy.

Mixed-media by Kansas City artist Heinrich Toh and glass artist Sandra Brewster


Black and White Art Wall including work by local artists Rebecca Skelton and Ric Savid

Whenever I sell a piece of art, I try to support other artists. Living with art brings energy into your home. Next to nature, it’s the best thing. It’s the difference between having thoughts on your wall as opposed to just decoration. I always say if your collection is worth more than your house then you’re in a good home.

Sculpture garden over the sink by Jenny Mendes, Jane Jaskevich and Victoria Rose Martin

Sculptures by Atlanta artist Jane Jaskevich. Small painting by Penelope Livingston

Santa Fe Artist Jack Charney

Local St Petersburg artists Calan Ree, Lisa Glaser and Starlin Martin
Ceramics by William Kidd and Jack Charney and painting by Michael Banks

My opinions aside, there is an increasing amount of scientific evidence ( suggesting that art enhances brain function. It supposedly can affect brain wave patterns, emotions and the nervous system, and can actually raise serotonin levels.

Large painting by Tampa artist Tom Kettner, two small portraits by Francesco Kroslak and lit glass sculpture by Marlene Rose



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