All In Engine Virtual Production Motion Capture with Metahumans, Spark FX Real-Time Show and Creative Pinellas Mentorship

Motion Capture with the Metahumans, Real-Time Spark FX show, and Creative Pinellas Mentorship

Gabriella Krousaniotakis / March 12th, 2021 Blog#15

Metahumans with Xsens and Manus Mocap

Figuring out how to get the Xsens body and Manus finger mocap data to work with the Metahumans has been an incredible learning opportunity. I have been spoiled by being able to easily retarget my mocap data directly onto the characters of my choice in UE using the MVN Livelink plugin.

Due to the plugin not being compatible with the 4.26 project, this has taught me how to be able to translate the data onto these new complex rigs and incorporate facial motion data by migrating the animations from a 4.25 project where the MVN live link is compatible and then retargeting it to the rig in 4.26.

After spending two weeks trying to figure this out, I finally had a breakthrough. It was actually quite simple. I created a vlog showing this exact process and sharing it with others who might want to know how to do this. Incorporating facial data with body and finger data has been my goal this entire time. Now, I am finally able to test out all the data together thanks to the Metahuman project being available.

I was able to not only bring in the motion capture data from Xsens and Manus, but was also able to record facial motion onto that data and translate that onto both the characters.

My next goal is to incorporate Faceware Studio facial motion data with the Glassbox Live Client plugin to Unreal and test out the facial motion quality.

Spark FX Real-Time Applications in the Music Industry

I got to watch this show where the discussion of how real-time tools are being incorporated into the music industry and seeing content created, while utilizing these new tools and techniques. There are so many new tools, one being Unreal Engine, and how it is combined with 3d softwares, VR, AR and XR to create content that was unimaginable in the past.

One of the people I look up to is John MacInnes and he was a speaker. In this live show, he was discussing Unreal Engine, the Metahumans initiative by 3Lateral, and some of his previous projects. Those being the David Bowie project and the Grace project. One of the reason I look up to John is that his work has completely captivated me, seeing how he has always pushed boundaries to create inspiring art while incorporating these real-time tools.

He always asks the right questions. What are you going to make with these tools? It is about what you make, not how you make it.

The link to the chat transcript from the event: Real-Time Applications in the Music Industry | SPARK FX (

Creative Mentorship & Live Emerging Artist Show

I had the pleasure of being a part of the Live Emerging Artist show hosted by Creative Pinellas. It was so exciting to see all of the local artists and hearing their stories for the first time in person. Seeing what the artists of my community are doing, what their process is like,  and their experience during this program was truly amazing!

One thing I especially enjoyed was hearing the experiences people had with their mentors. My personal experience has been incredible. Victoria Jorgensen has not only been my mentor but become my friend and confidant.

She suggested I sign up to the Women in Film and Television of Florida, and my first experience when joining this organization was a live tour of the Diamond View LED volume located here, in Tampa, Florida.

She also introduced me to T.H. Baughman and I was able to talk with him about his experiences in Antarctica. His stories about the people he met, his experience traveling there, living on the ice, everything we discussed, gave me the fuel I needed and guidance I was seeking in how to approach my screenplay and goal to make my film about the rock from Mars, ALH84001 that was discovered in Antarctica.

All I can say about Victoria is that she has not only been an incredible mentor but also a true friend, always supporting and encouraging me, and helping me to grow as a person. Thank you, Victoria!

I am now planning on using the Metahumans in order to create part of the trailer for this project.




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