All In Engine Virtual Production Live Stream with Puget Systems

Virtual Production & Motion Capture

by Gabriella Krousaniotakis /May 14th, 2021 Blog#24

This week I had the pleasure of appearing on a Live Stream show hosted by Kelly Shipman from Puget Systems. I also got to share some news on the work I am doing on Haz Dululls feature animated film, RIFT.

Puget Live Stream

Kelly specializes in the virtual production area at Puget and I have to say is a fascinating person to talk to, not just about tech but about how creatives are utilizing all of this new tech in the virtual production arena.


Haz Dulull and Rift

Crazy thing is, the first time I saw Haz and his work was on Razers website. It was my first experience seeing a filmmaker create something entirely inside of Unreal Engine.

My first though was, it would be a dream to work with him. Fast forward to six months later and I am now doing all of the motion capture in his animated film. In addition, retargeting all of the data from Xsens to Unreal, all the while we are doing this completely remotely.

If that is not proof that dreams do come true, then I do not know what is. All I can say to whoever is reading this, dream big, work hard and believe!



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