A Piece of Advice

Celebration, 2015

Many artists wish to venture into the realm of public art and it is a challenging yet noble profession.

The best way to begin is to alert the public art program coordinator in your community about your interest.  Your community’s public art coordinator can inform you of their program’s structure.  Take this opportunity to share your ideas as to how your artwork could be translated into public art.  If you find that your community does not offer a formal public art program, start asking questions as to why, and how a program could be started.

Influx, 2017

The public art coordinator can help you to discern if you qualify as a public artist within the guidelines of the program.  They should also be able let you know about city directories, or image banks that you/your work could be added to, and share with you about any upcoming opportunities.  

It is best to start with a smaller commission as this will give you a chance to learn the processes with less stress, you will be more likely to receive such a commission, as it will be less risky for the city program.  Another way to develop experience is to find employment with established public artists where you can work on public art projects, learn the processes and build your resume.

I hope it helps!

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