A Musician’s Life Part V

Welcome to Week 10 of the pandemic!  Quarantine seems to be lifting slightly, but with that there seems to be a lack of safety.  Many people are no longer wearing masks and this is alarming to me.  While I understand, breathing through a mask is more labor intensive, I believe safety over comfort should be realized.   While standing in line at the post office the other day, I saw an unmasked post office employee cough into her hand and pick up the receipt in that same hand and give it to the customer (who was also unmasked).  After I completed my task at the post office, I came home and sent an email to the postmaster general explaining my concern over this matter.  No response yet…..

With the Governor’s School For the Arts ramping up soon, I am back to watching webinars to find new features offered to make the virtual classroom a success.  I will not only be teaching oboe, but a music business course.  This is my fourth year with the Governor’s School and my third year teaching the music business course.  Each year it is tweaked to encompass a broader content.  The first year of this class was primarily starting a business.  The second year was how to’s of setting up a teaching studio and having a small business.  This year I finally realized that all musicians are entrepreneurs in one way or another.  Musicians have to sell themselves whether they are performers, teachers, music therapists, etc.  This class this year, I believe, will be the most exciting for not only the students, but for me.



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