A Musician’s Life Part III

A Musicians Life Part III

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day 35

“Music has not yet lost its importance for humanity”  Jon Bon Jovi

Day 35 and now the governor has decided to start opening beaches….. really?  Schools will remain closed through the end of the semester, businesses are closed but the government wants to open the beaches?  So frustrating to hear this.  Does this really need to be the priority?

Despite the government deciding on what to open or not open,  I have a renewed sense of purpose.  Through my virtual teachings, I have had to be creative on what to teach.  I focus more on the musical aspect than I do the actual playing of the oboe.  This is not to assume I don’t teach oboe pedagogy.  I have found the best use of time is to have the student send me a recording of their assignments at least three days in advance of their assigned lesson.  I then review the recording, write down notes of betterment, send the student the notes and we then have a much more productive lesson on their assigned lesson day.

Every webinar announcement I receive concerning how to teach music online, I sign up for.  Watching the webinars give me a sense of accomplishment and gets creative juices flowing.  I never imagined that my musical life would change in this way but I strongly believe, I will be a better teacher because of this!

Stay safe, stay strong, stay well!  We will all persevere!







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