A Meaningful Journey

Ode to Us: Me. Dad. Kellie.

The work I have done during this grant period is some of the best I have done, thus far in my life as an artist. This grant period has given me full permission to be the artist I always wanted to be. Having a concentrated space and time with dedicated support from my amazing friend and mentor, Candace Knapp www.candaceknapp.com coupled with the support of Creative Pinellas, has opened a whole new world of possibilities. This journey has been so meaningful, it’s hard to capture with words.

Me with dear friends PA Kushner and Carol Eaton

Opening night of the Emerging Artist Exhibition was a dream come true. It was pure magic. It was without a doubt, the BEST time I have EVER had at an art opening in my life, so far. the sense of accomplishment and pride in my work is solid and deep. Its beyond that as well. This work has been one hundred percent from my heart. The viewers feel it.

Opening Night Fun! There isn’t enough room for all the pictures!

At the reception, countless friends and guests had tears in their eyes looking at my work. I was blown away by how much my work moved people. I cannot think of a better compliment. That, coupled with the overflowing stream of friends who kept arriving and hugging me, and the laughter, the tears, the fun, was fireworks. If you read one of my previous blogs, Messages from Spirit you will understand how cool it was that Mr. Mulhern’s son Peter and Roberta showed and I got to meet them in person. I mean, really, what is the likelihood of my HS mentor’s son being there? It has been meaningful moment after meaningful moment. 

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