A great 2020 Kick off!

I sincerely wish everyone a happy new year to all – starting with great health!!

I wanted to give a quick update on events I am participating currently or in the coming days:

  • “States of Being” exhibit in the Five Deuces Galleria in St Pete from the 1/4/20 to the 1/11/20. I will have 11 Paintings – all-around portrait from different collections. Geoffrey is doing an extraordinary job to put this together – I am sure it will be very successful. Five Deuces Galleria FB page

    "states of being" Jan4 to Jan11
    “states of being” Jan4 to Jan11
  • Dunedin Art Festival, the 1/4/20 and 1/5/20. I will have a booth with my cities collection and as well as limited edition prints from several other series. Dunedin Art Festival

    Dunedin Art Festival Jan4-5
    Dunedin Art Festival Jan4-5
  • Overflow Brewery: I currently have more than 15 pieces in the Overflow brewery in St Pete. It is a great place to have one of the best beers in the Tampa Bay area. The staff and team are excellent! Overflow FB page

Thank you all for the support and I look forward to seeing you in one of these events 🙂

Patricia Kluwe Derderian


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