It’s official…Justice Studio will launch at the Juvenile Detention Center next week: Thursday, Sept 6th. Thanks for your patience…partnering with a government agency requires a different level of endurance for sure. You can click over to see my video update for our mentors here:

Here’s the gist:

  • The community mentor program—outside the JDC facility—will begin early 2019 (possibly a bit earlier, but we want to get established within the detention facility first).
  • As in-house participants are released we/you will begin to have our creativity meetings with them at the probations offices, then once they’ve fulfilled their probation requirements we/you will begin to meet them in other public places (eg.: libraries, parks, rec centers)
  • If you would like to also volunteer within the Juvenile Detention Center facility send me a message and we will discuss. I may also reach out to some of you directly. We have limited space and will select volunteers with skills and background appropriate to the projects we are doing within the facilities.

We’re getting close to community-wide launch! We currently have 33 of you signed up which is a great start! Getting more creatives involved will increase our impact and help distribute the work so the burden isn’t too heavy on anyone. If you know of someone who can make a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly commitment of an hour or two of time please encourage them to sign up here:

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