Here’s to you

Here’s to you

Chances are these last few weeks of the grant period will rush by. So before time picks up and blurs this all into warm memory, I want to say thanks to Creative Pinellas for making the space and funds available for artists to pursue their work. I’ve spent a lot of time lately talking to creative professionals, artists and business people about forging a viable path to success.

It’s not news that it’s a challenge and one that can seem that much more difficult because often folks have to blaze their own trail, cut their own path, build the bridges that lead them to the next place. Just getting recognition that their work is actual work with value is sometimes a chore and one that other many professions don’t require. Opportunities like this one play a pivotal role.

Even the application process has its own rewards and lessons. So for those who’ve considered applying, do and to those who already have I hope in some way or another it got you closer to your goal — and consider applying again, if not to this grant (though why not?) the lessons(s) you gleaned from it. To those who work with/for, fund and enjoy Creative Pinellas and its mission, ‘ppreciate it. I’ll see you at the show.

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