Always Creating

By Tony Wong Palms. Of the many happenings in Ybor City’s Kress Contemporary – the galleries, the Fringe Theatre, the microcinema, the artist studios – two recent exhibitions were gems…. Read More

Unveiling Jema

By Medina Karagic. “My Name is Jema” serves as a prelude to Jema’s music, offering a deep dive into the psyche of a complex, multi-layered Hip-Hop artist…. Read More

Planned Obsolescence

Here in St. Petersburg, we are incredibly fortunate to host a museum dedicated to the Arts and Crafts Movement. This museum is a testament to a period that emphasized the… Read More

A Foot Forward

Putting My Foot Forward Early in February, while most people were thinking about hearts, flowers, and chocolate, I was paying attention to the color gray – specifically the dull gray… Read More

Try Something New

By Libby Lewis. For anyone struggling to find inspiration or improve as an artist, just try something new. You never know where it will lead you…. Read More

Words – Songs of Comfort

By Emily Lee Stehle Originally published February 2021 . . . Words have always been important to me. I went into journalism because I realized that my mom, born in… Read More

SQUISHED at Eckerd College

By Tom Winchester. Izzy Pav’s “SQUISHED” recently on view at Eckerd College exhibited sculptures and paintings to convey how overwhelming daily life can feel…. Read More

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