How a Book Launched a Healing Space for Women

By Margo Hammond. In 2012, after reading Anita Diamant’s The Red Tent, Barbara Rhode was inspired to launch a unique program of healing at the Pinellas County Jail for women prisoners. The Red Tent Women’s Initiative, a program that combines group therapy with classes on arts and crafts, has helped over 1,000 incarcerated women work through the trauma that landed them behind bars in the first place… Read More

Why Dance?

Sarah Emery

Dance has made enormous progress in popularity over the last decade. It used to be considered a serious art form and something for only the elite to enjoy. Perhaps one… Read More


I recently went down a mental rabbit hole thanks to a scene in HBO’s WestWorld. Somewhere near the tail end of Season One, a main character, Bernard, mentions something about… Read More

Lights, Camera, Action…Literacy

Summer offers wonderful opportunities in the realm of commercial acting work. I don’t think I’ve addressed this aspect of my career yet. A first!  A commercial or any type of… Read More

Community Healing Through Poetry

By Bernice Willis. Let’s talk, not text, your voice is what I want to hear
It closes in the distance, as if you-are-near.
Call Me
Your voice is pleasing, gives me the same joy as to when
I heard it the first time. A text can’t recapture that moment, now or then…. Read More

“Di Times Change”

To exhibit overseas is no easy task for an artist. Plane fares, shipping work, lodging can be very costly. Fortunately, I have close friends in Kingston Jamaica where  I can… Read More

Creating Gourd-geous Art

By Robyn Crosa and Christina Marko. An NEA/Pinellas Recovers grant update. Visual artist Robyn Crosa has a solo exhibition, Gourdgeous Goddess Gals, on display at the Largo Public Library. Robyn first became enchanted by gourds when she was in a small town country store in Georgia. “When I looked at the basket of gourds, it looked like my mother and my sisters and I sitting together… Read More


When my words flood out onto the page, someone’s paint splatters across a canvas or melodic tunes drift by on a whisper of the wind only the musician can hear…… Read More

Community Healing Through Artistic Transformation

By Fanni Green. University of South Florida Theatre professor, actor, director and writer Fanni Green talks with USF English professor, author, spoken word and visual artist Dr. Gary Lemons about his focus this month as our guest editor – Community Healing through Artistic Transformation. As Gary explains, “We must change people’s lives to believe we all have the right to be creative.” Listen here… Read More

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