Outside In

By Jennifer Ring. As development encroaches upon the Tampa Bay area’s natural beauty, plein air painter and instructor Shawn Dell Joyce hopes her work encourages local municipalities to continue preserving pocket parks – small patches of Florida wilderness…. Read More

Preparing for Chicago

Scottish Highland Games and Festivals are a tradition that arrived in North America with the many Scottish Immigrants over the last 100 years.  Today, they are the events throughout the… Read More

Part 2: Art, Computers and Systems

As digital technology began taking root in the mid-20th century, artists started incorporating various technical and conceptual systems into their practices. This reframing of art, in terms of systems, built… Read More

Emerging Artists Show 2023

I felt like Cinderella going to the ball. May 4, 2023, opening night for the 2023 Emerging  Artist to showcase in a museum setting, the culmination of artwork five or… Read More

Why You Need to Come See THIS Show

Every exhibit postcard compels you to attend, but here’s why this one is different. We all start somewhere; Beethoven had to learn scales, Einstein learned math and Van Gogh taught… Read More

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