What do you practice?

Tracking is both a fundamental and a meta skill in dancing. The ability to sense/feel the complexity of what one’s body is doing is essential to becoming a compelling dancer… Read More

On Grief

I lost my mother two years ago. I didn’t actually lose her, she passed away. She didn’t pass away, she died. She’s gone. She’s not here anymore. Except that she… Read More

What does it mean to dance?


Close your eyes for 15 seconds and imagine yourself dancing (with zero judgment). What were you doing? What were you wearing? How old were you? Where were you? Were you… Read More

Banned Books Club for Kids

The African American Heritage Association announced the “I Love Banned Books” book club, which aims to combat educational censorship, will take place at St. Pete’s Tombolo Books starting in October. The book club is designed for children in the 1st through 12th grades and … Read More

Community Conversations Tackles Book Banning

By Frank Drouzas. “Books are the tools that we use to make sense of the world,” says educator Nikki Hill, adding that children will be deprived of profound literature with ongoing book bans. Lenice Emanuel says books are being banned in schools “because they understand that there’s power in knowledge.”… Read More

The Worlds

The first time I traveled to Scotland was in August 2004, to compete at the World Pipe Band Championships.  From that first trip, I was hooked and completely fell in… Read More

Sacred Stone

There is a compelling force that drives my artistic practice. It feels automatic, but my strong curiosity and search for meaning in everything beckon me to ask the “why” behind… Read More

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