Tamia Iman Kennedy

Tamia Iman Kennedy is an up-and-coming filmmaker, specializing in writing, directing, producing and acting. Childhood visits at Blockbuster, Redbox, and local theatre’s, is where Kennedy recalls finding her joy in… Read More

Let Me Introduce Myself

  Hi!! My name is Teresa Mandala. I’m a multi-media artist, currently working in ceramics, living in beautiful Saint Petersburg, FL. Let me share with you my story – how… Read More

Babs Reingold

Venezuela-born American artist Babs Reingold creates sculptures, drawings, and installations focusing on the environment and poverty. Ms. Reingold has an extensive showing history with 15 solo exhibitions and over 75… Read More

D. YaeL Kelley

“I am an organic expressionist. I experience connection with stones, shells, the movement of the air, and the shadows as they play across the ground. I explore transcendence and inner… Read More

Tree of Life

We Are All Connected It’s the largest sculpture I’ve ever undertaken, 36 ft tall by 16 ft wide,  done in quarter inch thick aluminum.  The design process progressed from a… Read More

Javier T Dones

Javier’s current work springs from a lifelong passion and fascination for the elements of nature, her power, arrangements, and structures. The medium is metals and chemistry. Copper is the main working material…. Read More

Taylor Smith

Taylor is a muralist based in Saint Petersburg, FL with a combined background in fine art, street art, and art in public spaces. She has over four years of experience exhibiting art… Read More

Cheryl Weber

Cheryl Weber, better known as her pen alias “Jujmo”, is a multidisciplinary artist. Specializing in the mural and illustrative work, her work is heavily influenced by color, cartoons, and folklore…. Read More

Ricardo Delgado

Reda3sb is an urban artist, illustrator, and Mexican designer who has been working on his style for more than a decade and refining the narrative of his images, along with… Read More

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