Chad Mize

Chad Mize is a multimedia artist, designer and muralist residing in St. Petersburg, Florida. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1974, and then moved to Tampa Bay Florida,… Read More

Jean Blackwell Font

Jean Blackwell Font is the co-founder of FontSquared and collaboARTive. She is a mixed mediaartist and arts marketer living and working in Miami,FL. Working in assemblage, mixed media, and collage,… Read More

Marlene Rose

Marlene Rose is an internationally known award-winning sculptor who produces stunningly beautiful works of art in her chosen medium, sand-cast glass. Seen in museums and galleries across the US and… Read More

Chomick+Meder, figurative art and automata

The husband and wife duo, Peter Meder and Chris Chomick, have been collaborating for over four decades. They draw inspiration from unconventional and captivating visuals that possess both beauty and… Read More

Candace Knapp

I believe that art making can lead me deep into the essence of what life on earth is all about. Painting is venturing into a dark cave where my spirit… Read More

Desireé Moore

Desireé Moore is a time-based artist who hybridizes film modes and media technologies. Her practice is collection/archive-driven and emphasizes themes of female subjectivity, memory and loss in the 21st Century…. Read More

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