Chomick+Meder, figurative art and automata

The husband and wife duo, Peter Meder and Chris Chomick, have been collaborating for over four decades. They draw inspiration from unconventional and captivating visuals that possess both beauty and unease. Together they bring a unique blend of artistic and technical skills, known for their unconventional and analytical approach.

Their partnership began in 1978 when they crossed paths while working as clerks at an art supply store in the Chicago Loop. It was there that they discovered their shared passion for puppets, stop-motion films, and mechanical toys – anything that conveyed stories through movement. Sparked by their common interests, they embarked on several joint projects, one of their earliest being a stop-motion animated puppet of the Dutch Boy for a Sherwin-William Paints commercial in 1981.

In their artwork, Chris and Peter utilize their diverse backgrounds in art to create a unique style of figurative art and automata. They each have designated roles based on their respective skills: Peter is responsible for constructing the armatures and designing the automata mechanisms and electronics, while Chris focuses on 3D modeling and printing, painting, and costuming the figures. Additionally, Chris manages their website and handles promotional activities.

The works of Chomick+Meder have been featured in various national and international publications dedicated to automata and art dolls. Their creations can be found in private collections across the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe. In recognition of their talent, the Cultural Council of Neustadt bei Coburg, Germany awarded Chomick+Meder the prestigious Golden Max Oscar Arnold Award in 2018, specifically in the “Category 13
– the best overall work of an established artist.”

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