Shundra Allison

Becoming a full-time entrepreneur can be difficult, Shundra Allison found out just how daunting entrepreneurship can be after leaving her corporate job to become a full-time entrepreneur. Today, Shundra is… Read More

Sharlene Emmanuel Edwards

A native Brooklynite, Sharlene Emmanuel Edwards wears many hats, all of which involve working with others in an incredibly uplifting way. Sharlene’s cultural view has been shaped not only by… Read More

Tiffany N. Moore

Tiffany N. Moore is the CEO of Moore Eventful LLC (established in March of 2016), as well as a wife and mother of a son and daughter. Through Moore Eventful… Read More

Lorielle J. Hollaway

Lorielle J. Hollaway is the founder of Cultured Books children’s bookstore and the Founding Director of the affiliated nonprofit Cultured Books Literacy Foundation. Lorielle’s professional career has centered upon informal… Read More

Ancestral Funk Inc

Ancestral Funk Inc is an artist emporium that allows artists to be who they were purposed to be. It was started in 2018 and was the brainchild of artist Siobhan… Read More

Jai Hinson

Choreographer and educator Jai Hinson is the founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Arts 4 Life Academy, located in Clearwater, FL. She has been engaged with cultural and performing… Read More

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