Andee Scott

Andee Scott is an interdisciplinary dance artist based in St. Petersburg, FL. In recent years, her focus on dance as public art has led to her creating, curating, and producing… Read More

Mark Feinman

Mark Feinman is a composer, musician, and producer from the Tampa Bay area. With over twenty years of extensive performance and composition experience his music has been featured on albums,… Read More

Eric MacNeill

Eric MacNeill is regarded as one of the top pipe band drummers in North America. Growing up in a pipe band family, Eric brings a lifetime of experience as a… Read More

Anna Kate Mackle

The Mackle Shaw Duo is comprised of harpist Anna Kate Mackle and percussionist John Shaw. Champions of new music, the Mackle Shaw Duo have made it their mission to commission… Read More

Jabari Reed-Diop (i.B.O.M.S)

Based out of: St. Petersburg, Florida, Jabari Jahi Babatu Reed-Diop, otherwise known as i.B.O.M.S. (illegal. Beauty. On.My.Streets) is a 23-year-old artist based in St. Petersburg, Florida. His artistic acumen comes… Read More

Courtney Clute

Courtney Clute is a writer and professional living in St. Petersburg, FL. She primarily writes flash fiction, a genre defined as “short stories 1,000 words or fewer.” Courtney’s flash fiction… Read More

Shawn Dell Joyce

Shawn Dell Joyce was born in Texas in 1965 and grew up on the border in Brownsville Tx. She worked in her family’s citrus orchards until an unseasonable frost killed… Read More

Mikhail Mansion

Mikhail is a new media artist interested in designing interactive and generative systems that create distinct visual, sonic or sculptural experiences based on speculative ecological narratives. His practice consists of… Read More

Christina Bertsos

Fluidity converges with emotion and sensuality in the stone sculptures of Chicago born sculptor, Christina Bertsos. Creating surfaces honed by hand to coax the stone’s luminous quality, she highlights its… Read More

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