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Hank Rippert, My Dad

What can I say about my Dad? I could speak for hours and hours about him and about our relationship. I’ll do my best to give a deep glimpse into… Read More

Ricks and Rippert; A Friendship Steeped in Forever

Ricks & Rippert, a friendship steeped in forever… Kellie Ricks and I met in art school at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 1989. Kellie’s roommate, Tracy, was in… Read More


Prague Diaries, June 28

The weather in a new place is always a surprise. Prague is an odd climate- yesterday, it was cold and rainy all day (about 68 degrees Fahrenheit) and today it… Read More

Sarah Emery

Why Dance?

Dance has made enormous progress in popularity over the last decade. It used to be considered a serious art form and something for only the elite to enjoy. Perhaps one… Read More


I recently went down a mental rabbit hole thanks to a scene in HBO’s WestWorld. Somewhere near the tail end of Season One, a main character, Bernard, mentions something about… Read More

Lights, Camera, Action…Literacy

Summer offers wonderful opportunities in the realm of commercial acting work. I don’t think I’ve addressed this aspect of my career yet. A first!  A commercial or any type of… Read More

“Di Times Change”

To exhibit overseas is no easy task for an artist. Plane fares, shipping work, lodging can be very costly. Fortunately, I have close friends in Kingston Jamaica where  I can… Read More


When my words flood out onto the page, someone’s paint splatters across a canvas or melodic tunes drift by on a whisper of the wind only the musician can hear…… Read More

A day as an Artist.

Read More

Prague Diaries 6/22

First days in Prague I arrived in Prague three days ago to study and perform with the Prague Shakespeare Company. It has been an eventful start. My flights were badly… Read More


The Creative Pinellas Professional Artist Grant arrived at an interesting time in my writing career. It’s not an overstatement to say that my entire trajectory was in flux until that… Read More

Pareidolia…for now.

The last several years have robbed us of one of the most fundamental, beautiful and almost innate acts that we share as a community, that deepens the fabric of who… Read More

Shirley Jackson

First, they tell you lies.

“First they tell you lies and they make you believe them. Then they give you a little of what they promised, just a little, enough to keep you thinking you’ve… Read More

Sometimes it’s yes, Sometimes it’s no.

Timing is everything.   I’ve had a pretty intense couple of weeks recently. As an artist, my career spans an ocean of inconsistency, waves of highs and lows. My calendar… Read More

Last Work, Ohad Naharin

Mr. Gaga

I would like to talk about Ohad Naharin. I am so inspired by his inventive approach to choreography. Ohad is an Israeli choreographer who was artistic director of Batsheva Dance… Read More

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