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Thunderstorms and Snowfall – What is your relationship to place?

Last week, Florida’s dry season gave way to the summer clouds that grow big and gorgeous across the sky, peaking into Joni Mitchell’s ice-cream castles, ominous thunderheads, and shelf clouds that divide the sky in jarring contrasts of dark and light. When the rain comes now, it is not the cool summer rain I grew up with in New England. There, rain breaks the heat like a kindness, wringing it out of the air for a few hours or days.


Afrofuturism and the Black Fantastic or Technique 22 to Make Do

I’ve had an unconventional writing career in many respects: I got an MA not an MFA, have never pursued an agent or submitted to the Big 5. This aligns with my idiosyncrasies and values, but it also makes things harder. So I’ve had to do most things differently.  Whenever I [...]


“Engulfed” Part 3 ~ The Making and Unmaking of an Installation Part 2

"Engulfed" Part 3 ~ The Making and Unmaking of an Installation Part 2 Kenny Jensen Blog Post # 6 ~ June, 2021 Gallery and Beyond: In this post I will share some of the installation and deinstallation process of "the Understory" in the gallery, as well as the process of transporting and storing the [...]


“Engulfed” Part 1 ~ The Exhibition

"Engulfed" Part 1 ~ The Exhibition Kenny Jensen Blog Post # 4 ~ May, 2021   About the Exhibition: "Engaging issues around climate crisis, sustainability, and pressing ecological concerns, Engulfed is a group show that highlights artistic responses to our evolving environmental issues. Co-curated by Sarah Howard and Amanda Poss, the exhibition [...]

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