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Moving pictures

    Moving pictures   In this week’s blog as Creative Pinellas grantee, I want to talk briefly about something near and dear to me and my fellow 2D artists: moving pictures. (That is to say, for one, selling inventory.) Because, although each new painting is like a child to me—conceived, [...]



This week my focus has been painting hundreds of seashells. I'm not gonna lie - this is the tedious part of the installation journey. The novelty has worn off, and it's a physical and mental challenge to power through and just get the job of painting and glazing 2,511 shells [...]


Emerging: From Behind the Studio door

Week 12 I am honored to announce my mentor: Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse. Yes, you are reading it correctly, it’s a two for one mentorship.  Their’s is a collaborative relationship in the studio, with their work making its mark in the public art arena locally, nationally and internationally. As [...]


Firing Finesse

I've started thinking more about the firing of my ceramic sculptures as our exhibition gets closer. The pieces need to get fired two times, first for the bisque firing, and second for the final glaze firing. Both firings must be approached with caution because of how thick the work is. [...]

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