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Reflection By Mason Gehring January 25th Today is my last day on anti-seizure medication for epilepsy and tomorrow is my 38th birthday. It’s weird having to revisit an illness that hadn’t affected my life for 32 years. To look back to a year ago, it felt so heavy, this new [...]


Partnership is complicated. It requires a dedication and honesty that can feel at its worst like holding a mirror to the things you most want to hide about yourself or the things you didn’t even know you had to face. At its best it is like a becoming. A homecoming. Both. At the same time. 


All In Engine Virtual Production Cinematography, Environmental Art and Rigging in Maya

Unreal Engine Cinematography, Environmental Art and Rigging Gabriella Krousaniotakis / January 21st, 2020 Blog#9 This week has been amazing! I did a cinematography tutorial by Bernhard Rieder (a.k.a. The Fatty Bull), created some Unreal environmental art thanks to a speed level by Unreal Environments Speed Level Design and started learning [...]



Resonating By Mason Gehring January 22nd Generally, my creative process is a solo mission and I like it that way. I never played team sports as a kid and I’m very much your typical introvert (INFJ) where I find it a relief to be away from people when I’ve had [...]

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