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Creative Ventures…One Day at a Time – Chapter 14: Does size matter?

Chapter 14: Does size matter? by Judy Vienneau When this emerging grant process began, I had to plan what new pieces I would create for the final exhibition. I had seen many emerging artists in the past take advantage of the gallery space at Creative Pinellas and create some large [...]


Color Therapy

Hi everyone! Posting a bunch of images of paintings I am working on for the exhibition. I've been painting everyday. Mixing color and putting the brush to canvas and paper has been very therapeutic and takes my mind off of everything. A lot of this work is initially inspired from [...]


Roll With It

March 27, 2020 | By Steph Hargrove Roll With It I was all set to start attaching 2,511 painted seashells to fishing line for my installation at Creative Pinellas, and then coronavirus came along and changed everyone's plans. A crowded art opening on May 14th in the gallery? Yeah, probably [...]


Creative Ventures…One Day at a Time – Chapter 13: Supporting My Fellow Artists

Chapter 13: Supporting My Fellow Artists by Judy Vienneau As many of you reading this already know, I am the founder of the Gulf Coast Artists’ Alliance, a 15 year old non-profit artists group here in Pinellas County. Under the GCAA, I am the director of a retail cooperative art [...]

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