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All In Engine Virtual Production Car Configurator & Mocap

Unreal Engine Car Configurator Project and Motion Capture Gabriella Krousaniotakis / April 9th, 2021 Blog#16 In this weeks blog, I created a sequence inside of the Car Configurator project provided by Epic Games in Unreal Engine. I still need to learn about how to use the control rig for the [...]


This is a Love Letter to the Artist with Chronic Illness

This is a love letter to the artist with chronic illness. This is a love letter to those who work everyday to be a part of this world. This is a love letter to the ones who can’t get out of bed, who use pill boxes morning and night, who have more doctors than pairs of shoes, who fall down and get back up, who ask for help.


Diner Poetry

Diner Poetry By: Sara Ries Dziekonski 4/8/21 Blog #19   I have been missing diners a lot these days, particularly the small red diner in Buffalo that my parents owned for 32 years (which is now temporarily closed due to the pandemic and a transfer of owners). The diner feels [...]

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