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LET’S SEE YOUR STUDIO! Uh, it’s half a coffee table. Blog #13

LET'S SEE YOUR STUDIO! Uh, It's Half a Coffee Table. Blog #13 Feb. 27. 2021 By Emily Stehle This week we're all thinking about our working studios. Our assignment is to videotape an introduction as Emerging Artists...We've been encouraged by Danny Olda, Tabitha Cervantes and Creative Pinellas Executive Director Barbara [...]


Writing Advice

Writing Advice 2/26/21 Blog #14 By: Sara Ries Dziekonski   I recently read Maya Angelou’s powerful collection of poems, I Shall Not Be Moved, and in her poem “Grandmothers” she writes, “When you learn, teach. / When you get, give.” It made me think of all the writing advice that’s [...]



Revelations By Mason Gehring February 26th (I hope you enjoyed my badly photoshopped "businesswoman" vision board version of myself) A reflection of this process. I’ve had a couple of revelations in the past week that are putting some very obvious things in perspective for me. 1. I’ve been teaching art [...]


All In Engine Unreal and Motion Capture Workflow Vlog

First Vlog on My Creative Workflow with Unreal Engine and Motion Capture Gabriella Krousaniotakis / February 25th, 2021 Blog#14 My first vlog showing the process of how I create content inside of Unreal by using Xsens and Manus Prime II glove data via the MVN Live Link to Unreal Engine. [...]



Influences by Yuly Restrepo February 25, 2021 At tonight's emerging artists conversation, an audience member asked about our artistic influences. My fellow artists gave very lovely and articulate answers, and I thought I'd use this week's blog to write about one of the main influences on my writing. Edwidge Danticat [...]

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