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On practice

I haven’t been to the gym in three weeks. And I think about it a lot. The combination of preparing to go on a family vacation, being on vacation, and then coming back to reality after a vacation has left me choosing to cut out this important part of my [...]



Hi everybody, Finding models for a composition is always a challenge. A lot of people prefer to use photographs. One of the issue with photographs is that the light is flatten and equalized and you don’t see the variations of the values or the colours of the skin. I prefer [...]


Heads up!

Hours of operation heads up! Message via Gallery 221 at HCC: "Attention! The library at the HCC Dale Mabry Campus is closed, but Gallery 221 and the two exhibitions on display are open! From now until August 19, to view Gabriel Ramos' and Kenny Jensen's exhibitions, call the gallery office [...]

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