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Unveiling Jema

By Medina Karagic

By Medina Karagic. “My Name is Jema” serves as a prelude to Jema’s music, offering a deep dive into the psyche of a complex, multi-layered Hip-Hop artist…. Read More

Words – Songs of Comfort

By Emily Lee Stehle

By Emily Lee Stehle Originally published February 2021 . . . Words have always been important to me. I went into journalism because I realized that my mom, born in… Read More

Afterthoughts – Resurrecting the Magnificence of Mahler in Season Finale

By Kurt Loft

By Kurt Loft. “You have to experience this kind of music live,’’ says Michael Francis, Music Director of the Florida Orchestra. “You have to be here, and to feel what a uniquely human art this is.”… Read More

Bob Devin Jones’ Legacy at The Studio@620

By Jake-ann Jones

By Jake-ann Jones. The Studio@620’s founder and artistic director Bob Devin Jones has built a legacy of embracing a village of diverse artists, community members and organizations in downtown St. Pete…. Read More

An Arts Collaboration for Jazz and Poetry Appreciation Month

By Alyssa Sotelo

By Alyssa Sotelo. For Poetry Appreciation Month, I could not wait to attend the jazz and poetry celebration presented by the Al Downing Tampa Bay Jazz Association… Read More

Feel-Good Arts Recommendations

By Sheila Cowley

We live in a stressful world! And the arts can help. We asked Arts Coast readers what arts they turn to when they need some comfort, or just need a laugh – for this wonderful collection of feel-good arts… Read More

Nollywood Dreams

By Jake-ann Jones

By J.A. Jones. This is a definite night in the theatre that will leave you feeling satisfied – if laughter is good for the soul, there’s without a doubt enough to go around in Jocelyn Bioh’s Nollywood Dreams…. Read More

Arts For All Ages and Abilities

By Sheila Cowley

We’re asking for arts experiences in our area you’d recommend to friends and family of all ages and abilities, for this special Arts Coast feature…. Read More

The Evolution of Drag

By Cindy Stovall

By Cindy Stovall. Central Park Performing Arts Center in Largo welcomes a truly immersive, multi-media, staged art experience reflective of 11 decades of pop-culture and Drag History… Read More

Mozart and the Art of Communication

By Kurt Loft

By Kurt Loft. “Both voices shine and sing,” says violist Sarah McElravy of Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola. … Read More

BEACON 2024 – New Pathways in Dance

By David Warner

By David Warner. Among the many thrills of BEACON’s annual showcase of dance and multi-disciplinary works is its sheer variety. It’s thrilling to discover the multiple pathways chosen by dancers and choreographers…. Read More

Music and Mindfulness on St Pete Beach

By Gabrielle Reeder

By Gabrielle Reeder. 500 beach dwellers gathered on St. Pete Beach for an ethereal journey into a piano solo that explored an intrinsic human emotion – joy. … Read More

Being Brave Together at USF

By Sheila Cowley

This Is My Brave is a live presentation of essays, original music, poetry and comedy performed by a dozen USF students living with – or loving someone with – a mental illness or substance use condition…. Read More

Betting on Beethoven – which is greater, the Eroica or Ninth Symphony?

By Kurt Loft

By Kurt Loft. What’s the most influential piece of music of all time? What work changed everything after its first performance, and forced the world to take notice?… Read More

Upcoming Jazz Concerts and Workshops

By David Manson

The 15th annual St. Petersburg Jazz Festival 2024 takes place April 1-6 with concert events and free jazz workshops. … Read More

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