Miesha Brundridge

Miesha Brundridge is 35 years young and is STUDIO 620 Poetry showcase curator and author of “A Beautiful Disaster” (found on Amazon & lulu.com). Miesha started writing in middle school in the 90s and was raised in Lakeland, FL, a very conservative town. She was in the army for six years with one tour to Iraq; she later retired after undergoing bilateral (double) leg alignment and knee ostomies. Miesha later went into Juvenile probation work, then finally into teaching. “Working in a middle school brings back memories of how I began writing in the first place.”

Miesha’s poetry has become mediation and peace tools. She hopes to inspire people through writing and sharing observations during her self-discovery. Life is a game—mistakes aren’t shit if they don’t teach you to be better! If they do—write them down! Her poetry discusses thoughts about love, time, family, community, and world issues. Miesha has published poems such as “Being a Butterfly” in the International Poetry Society in 2003 and currently writes her poetry in St. Petersburg’s first art and poetry magazine called Neptune (managed by Denzel Johnson-Green).

She was January 2019 Keep St. Pete Featured Poet. Miesha also was one of the featured poets for the St. Petersburg Warehouse Art District recipient on the “YOU GOOD” Tulley-Levine Gallery at the ArtsXchange Campus, a Poetry contest. Miesha takes part in open mics across Pinellas County. She published her first poetry memoir, A Beautiful Disaster— Sept. 2018, which took place in the setting of her 20s-30s, nearly a decade of poetry. Miesha holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Criminal Justice with a crime scene tech certification and is currently finishing her 2nd master’s in forensic psychology. She has worked with juveniles in the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and Pinellas County schools from 2017 to the present. She enjoys making people better writers. She aspires to help increase the appreciation that reading, and writing can give.  She plans to publish her 2nd collection, “Embers & Scars,” which will cover topics on issues of race, love, heartache, and anxiety—coming soon.


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