Carolina Cleere

Carolina Cleere is a southern born, internationally collected artist who transfers her lifeʼs experiences onto canvas. She is best known for her large-scale, psychological paintings of children in lush environments; reflective of her youth growing up in Florida.

Cleere attended the University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, but considers herself to be a self-taught artist. She held a variety of professional jobs, mostly for wire services and newspapers from New York to Seattle. Her first job after college was working for the musician Prince but her favorite gig was working and traveling for Rosetta Stone language learning software. During these years she continued to do her personal work. Beginning in the eighties, she pioneered a unique, mixed-media process blending four mediums.

Although having no children of her own, Cleere began her Innocence project in 1996 while taking care of her niece and nephew during a family tragedy.

Collectors ranging from professional athletes to “Desperate Housewives” and “Redneck Comedians” live with her pretend children. This body of work has been published in multiple international art magazines. Today, her work is included in several permanent museum collections and in many private homes throughout North America and in Europe.

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