Austin Janowsky

Austin Janowsky is an American actor-screenwriter-director. He started 4 years ago and has garnered attention for his subtle nuance acting. He has been told he has a “Great Face”. A Meisner trained actor with Lee Perkins at his 3rd Actors Studio, he has started gaining bigger roles in 2019 with films “45 Seconds”, “Epiphany”. Sinec then he has booked Co-Star, Guest Star, Supporting, and Leading roles in TV and film like Bad Monkey Starring Vince Vaughn. These projects are scheduled to be shown or have already been seen in theaters/streamed on networks like • NETFIX • Apple + • Peacock • Amazon • Oxygen • TruTV • YouTube.

As a writer/director, he has over 10 films and tv shows to his name including his most recent “A Killer and the Dead” & “Coach Valdes and the Secret Weapon – OVERLOAD”.

Austin Janowsky is also a professional comic book writer/artist. He is celebrating 30 years working in the comic book industry. He has worked with a multitude of publishers over the years on titles like: • Iron Man for Marvel • Satellite Falling for IDW, • Red Sonja for Dynamite, • Invincible for Image • Evil Dead 2 Tales of the Ex Mortis with Space Goat. Currently he is the writer/creator of the All Age series Stanley the Snowman that’s available for in bookstores.

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