Angela Warren

Angela is a full-time artist, art teacher, and yoga teacher. She’s obsessed with nature and loves swimming in the ocean. Angela grew up in Maine and moved to the Caribbean in her early 30’s where she honed her artistic lifestyle. She paints plein air to gather inspiration, and then returns back to her studio to paint. She lives with her wife, Megan and 2 dogs, Bootsie and Tupac. They live most of the year in Gulfport, Florida, and spend summers at their cabin in Midcoast Maine. Angela has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Painting. Her paintings are vibrant and joyous, and reflect the colors and shapes of plants, landscape, and light in Florida and Maine. Angela runs her own art business online and currently sells in person out of her studio and art festivals all over Florida. She teaches two very popular online virtual art classes to work teams all over the world.

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