Arts Summer Camp Providers

Creative Pinellas is thrilled to invest in future Artists of Pinellas County by subsidizing their arts camp registration fees. After certain campers play, grow, and thrive with you, we provide you with funding to cover their registrations.

Which camps qualify?

  • Be a 501(c)3, County, or other Government agency/organization
  • Produce a limited-term, non-overnight, non-summer-long arts camp; in other words, most camps are 1 or 2-week day camps
  • These are camps with the same, pre-registered campers attending for the camp period
  • Be a camp that is an arts camp – not a camp that has some arts activities
  • Arts include drawing, painting, pottery, photography, theater, dance, music, filmmaking, creative writing, digital arts, etc.

How do arts camps sign up to be providers?

By Feb 9, apply here. You’ll provide marketing contact, grants contact, email, phone, tax ID, your registration website, number of campers expected, and the registration cost of camp for a camper.

How do the camps use the money?

  • Funding may only be used for registration fees for camp sessions, not additional items like field trips, food, supplies, aftercare, etc.
  • Because participation in summer camps is driven by applicant choice and funding availability, it is possible that some eligible organizations may not receive funding or may receive limited funds.
  • The approved camps are meant to make camp more accessible to all.
  • Sometimes camps already have other scholarship programs that help camps be accessible, and this grant doesn’t replace those opportunities or funds. It’s another way to invite more community members to camp.
  • If funds remain unused toward the end of the registration period, Creative Pinellas reserves the right to distribute additional funds to participating camps.
  • This grant funding can only be used for registration fees for arts summer camp sessions.

How does camper registration/invoicing work?

  1. Campers apply with Creative Pinellas here
  2. Creative Pinellas approves camper grants and emails you the information
  3. You contact the camper w/in 5 business days and have them register via your typical process; perhaps you create a Creative Pinellas promo code OR if you don’t have space left, you let us and the camper know to connect to find another possible camp
  4. After registration is set, you confirm the camper(s) at our camper confirmation site
  5. The campers attend your camp
  6. You invoice us for the campers who attended; if any don’t attend or stop attending, you follow your standard cancellation process and treat Creative Pinellas accordingly

Important Dates

  • February 9: Applications due here from camps
  • March 1: Creative Pinellas application opens here to campers
  • Applications typically close at depletion of grant funds but will close by Aug 9, 2024
  • Camps take place between the end of the Pinellas County School year (May) and Aug 9, 2024
  • August: Post-survey to camps on numbers; percentage of first-time & returning grant recipients; if you served new community & if you welcomed additional campers from across different identities; types of activities; and a story
  • By August 31: Invoice your total approved subsidy for covered campers to Creative Pinellas here

Fine Print

While the approved camps in our system have a reputation for excellent programming, Creative Pinellas is not responsible for the health, safety, or well-being of the campers who receive our grants, or the quality of the camp experience.

Creative Pinellas’s decisions on application approvals for grants are made with care and due diligence and are final. Creative Pinellas reserves the right to cancel or change all or a part of this grant program for any reason and at any time.

Creative Pinellas and many programs are funded by the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners, Visit St Petersburg/Clearwater, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs.


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