Amy Wolf

Amy Wolf is a ceramics and mixed media artist based in St. Petersburg, FL. Originally hailing from equal parts northern California and Western Pennsylvania, she spent her adult life between… Read More

Jenipher Chandley

Jenipher Chandley is a representational artist working in her hometown of St. Petersburg Fl. Where she has raised her 4 children and is a proud new grandmother. She has earned… Read More

Kate Cummins

“I cant remember a time when I wasn’t drawing, painting or fabricating something out of something else” says artist Kate Cummins of her work. “I come from a creative household… Read More

Dennis DeBon

Dennis DeBon is the creator of EnergyWebs, which are one-of-a-kind works of modern glass art. He is often been compared to artist Jackson Pollock. Like Pollack, Dennis uses simple artistic… Read More

Troy Bernardo, In Memory

Troy loves spending time reading, writing, camping, and drinking local craft beer. He is an English Department Head at an alternative online school, and lives with his wife Laura, his… Read More

Agueda Zabisky

I have been working with ceramic since 2005. It all starts with a block of clay that transforms until it takes shape. Understanding that each phase has its right time… Read More

Cervantes Hargrove

Rose Cervantes is a Cuban creative committed to building community and deconstructing harmful stigmas. Her poetry and art centers on mental health, Latinx heritage, and the dualities of the human… Read More

Wendy Bruce

Wendy Bruce grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, where she spent her weekends exploring the art galleries and museums. It was here that she decided a life in the… Read More

St. Petersburg Arts Alliance

The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance (SPAA) is an umbrella St. Petersburg organization that works to drive arts-related economic development and funding, advocate for art and artists, educate at all levels… Read More

freeFall Theatre

freeFall Theatre pursues the transformative power of theatre – as a builder of community, a source of upliftment, and a builder of cultural legacy. It will use its grant to… Read More

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