The Portrait Project-part 1 Women’s Caucus for Art

Part 1- of 2 portraits and interviews by Neverne Covington

Women’s Caucus for Art, St Petersburg Chapter

Portrait of Covid Nurse
Portrait 1 Of 2 for the Women’s Caucus for Art Exhibition St. Pete Chapter

By Neverne Covington

The portrait project consists of a series of 36, 10 x 12 of paintings of women who are crucial to making our community thrive and function. It includes women in a broad spectrum of economic status and of a variety of occupations. The purpose of this project is to honor and celebrate 2020 women’s suffrage and to honor the women of St. Petersburg who are crucial to its operation.

This exhibit is part of the national organization of the Women’s Caucus for Art, St. Petersburg’s Chapter event. The exhibit opens on August 8th at the Morean Art Center and with plans for the exhibit to travel to other venues. 

I chose two women to paint. The first person drawn and painted here is Missy York, charge nurse of the Covid Unit at St. Anthony’s Hospital. All of the interview questions were the same for each of the participants. Below is my interview with Ms. York.


 Q.Who are you?

A. My name is Missy York. I am a conservative bohemian, funny, truthful and fabulous.

Q.What do you do?

A.I am charge nurse on a COVID unit.

Q.What is your wisdom to share?

A, If we shift the paradigm to education as supreme, that one day our leaders will be grounded by science and elevated by art. We will be curious and empathetic of others and see people by their deeds and not their demographics. And we will no longer be afraid to weave our individuality with the collective consciousness of our community and life at-large.

Q.If you could do one thing for Saint Pete?

A.I would completely overhaul our public school system where families do not have to “play the lottery“ to get their child in a quality school. Every school should be exemplary to generate intelligent and compassionate citizens.

Q.Comment on women suffrage.

A.That woman’s right to vote is her right to be heard. It is essential, that when you elect to use your voice you do so with clarity, conviction and grace for your audience.





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