The Next Part

The painting seashells phase of my installation for Creative Pinellas is nearing the end. Soon my living room will be overtaken with painters tape and fishing line, and painted seashells will be everywhere. I can’t wait!

To cope with with physical challenges of painting so many shells, I’ve been alternating between painting and coloring. If I keep switching up my activity (and my body position) I’m able to work far more hours. Recently I mentioned I had been dreaming up new challenges for my arts education project art4theppl. Years ago when I lived in Texas, coloring parties were one of the first events I used to raise money and awareness for my cause. We had so much fun, and I met so many amazing people. Sooooo, I’ve decided to start a coloring club here in Pinellas county!

I’ve started this group that’s open to any awesome human being who enjoys coloring. We’ll meet at coffee shops, hang out, enjoy a beverage, and color. That’s it.

Okay, I might have a little something extra up my sleeve.

Totally optional for group members: donate your colored pages to art4theppl so I can turn them into fundraising artwork and accessories. I have lots of cool toys, including pin presses and various die cut machines, that allow me to make some pretty cool stuff. I might even do something with colored seashells…

I’ll leave you with some of my finished pages from this week to hopefully inspire you to join the coloring fun. 🙂

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