The Hustle Is Real

The Hustle Is Real

Simplicity is not my strong suit. Much as I enjoy a succinct sentence, the brevity of wit, I tend to formulate complex concepts. The newest permutation of this is multiple high-concept endeavors. I don’t consider myself an overly ambitious person, just one with ideas, and I wish to see them actualized. Like a cranky old lyric I once wrote, wishing doesn’t makes wishes come true.

Besides if not me then who? (Just to be clear it – though it rhymes that was not the next line in the song).

I suspect there are many people in this predicament. If I knew more of them we could compare notes. Until then there’s you, reader. I’ll go first. Current professional projects include:

  • putting the finishing touches on a new novel years in the making and handling the release
  • writing and recording compositions for a multimedia project
  • applying for a grant
  • making peace with social media and marketing (it may just be a ceasefire)
  • writing
  • learning new programming languages for multimedia pieces
  • creating (a) piece(s) for the Creative Pinellas show in September
  • meeting about collaborations (perhaps more on this as it materializes)
  • setting up an umbrella business for established and new ventures
  • scouting for and finishing freelance editing/proofreading work
  • wrestling with the age-old question: to day job or not to day job?

In short, the hustle is real.

Actually, when I typed it out it didn’t seem like that much. The thing about complexity: It improves your time management over the years. For me it’s just do one thing at once, then on to the next.

It would probably be easier if each idea didn’t come connected to another (much like this light bulb) but the ideas come as they come. I’m just glad they do. Still, I look forward to finishing this round and seeing the next configuration.

By the way I’m not kidding about comparing notes, tag me on Instagram @TeneaJohnson (See what I did there? It’s as close as I dare to multitasking) and show me what’s driving you to distraction.

picture of a intricate led light bulb

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