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Social Media

My  influences continue to grow everyday. With social media being very prominent in todays society, it allows for easy access to finding other artists that are out there that you can relate too and who you find inspiring. Personally, a lot of my inspiration comes from these contemporary artists I find through looking on the internet and social media. By looking and reading about all of these artist out there pursuing art as their full time job, it inspires and gives me the drive to work on my own art and continue to create a name for myself as they did, as well as to create a cohesive, recognizable body of work of my own. I think its also important to remember that what we see on social media is a highlight reel of everyone and their work/ accomplishments. No one likes to post their rejection letters! I can even vouch for myself when I say that for every great accomplishment I’ve been recognized for or award I have won there are 10 “thanks but no thanks” in my inbox, but I am ok with that! We live in an age that I believe is the best time to be an artist! People have such easy access to get in touch with you directly and talk about/purchase your art directly from you! Below are a few artists, old and new, that have inspired me over the past few years that I have discovered via social media.

  • The Jealous Curator Blog
  • Crystal Wagner (discovered her from a professor in college)
  • Meghan Hildebrand ( contemporary painter from Canada)
  • Ashley Longshore (entreprenur wonder woman)

The list could go on forever!

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