Setting Intentions

This week I spent time going through reference photos, cutting up images, sketching, and mixing paint. As I plan and begin the next body of work, I have to spend time working out ideas and narrowing down what feels right and what seems to be working. I make this decision based on my intuition and what I want to accomplish. This part is not easy, and can sometimes feel like a waste of time. There’s moments of fun and play and other times frustration.

This is a practice. I’ve been painting for years now, and sometimes it feels like I know what I’m doing and other times I question the process and the work. It comes and goes and eventually I find a rhythm again.

What’s my job as an artist? I continuously ask this question to stay grounded. I want to bring a lightness and joy to people when they see the paintings. I think the best thing to do is to lay down, close my eyes, and meditate on what I want to paint. I will set my intentions, limitations, and voice.

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