Quadropus and Inner Observatory.


A look back at two pieces I made for a group show at the Taubman Museum in Roanoke VA last year.


Quadropus will be a large dome-like structure with four curving appendages descending from its lower rim. The ends of each of the four members will vary in height from the floor so that viewers of all ages and sizes may be faced with one. Audiences will likely be compelled to look into the openings at the ends of the tubes, however, it is important to note that this will not give a complete view of the form or its inner structure. Instead, guests will likely have to get lower, perhaps even crawl on their hands and knees to go underneath the expansive dome, and from this lower vantage point, gain a much greater perspective. From below, one may recognize the intricate and orderly construction patterns and experience the true nature of the form.

Quadropus and the interactive dynamic it inspires represent a metaphor for the process of “Awakening.” As we look to define ourselves by our relationships with others or with the things we own, we come up missing the most vital aspects of life. But when we “Deny thy self” as Jesus said, we may find that in our humility we discover a greater awareness of our true nature as conscious experience, and in this way realize the wisdom and joy that lie in our connection to the whole of existence.



Inner Observatory

For the opening of the show I created Quadropus. The sculpture above. After four months I returned to the Taubman to make a second sculpture. Inner Observatory.

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