Pride Month and Art

Pride Month and Art

As many of you may know, people who identify themselves as LGBTQIA, celebrate June as the Pride Month. We celebrate our lives, loves, and identities through the month by being part of various events.

St. Petersburg is no exception. As an effort to establish itself as an art destination, various art venues are celebrating the Pride Month with art shows in large and small scales. I am fortunate enough to be a part of a couple of these group shows and I am showing following works.

  1. Pride & Joy, Mize Gallery.

Diversity Forming the Rainbow, 2015, 33”x27”. Tissue Paper, Cardstock, Ceran Wrap and Mirror.

Gays For Trump are Stupid, 2016, 14.5”x29”. Acrylic and Cotton yarn, woven on a Jacquard Loom.

  1. Pride Pop Up at Morean Arts Center


Post 45 But Still Fierce, 43”x27”. Disperse Dyes Heat Pressed on Organza.

What my studio looks like as I get ready for the parade tonight:



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