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This week I’d like to share what’s currently on my studio table. It’s a giant crab.

No, really. My husband Jason enjoys nature photography, so we spend lots of time outdoors hunting for critters here in Pinellas county. We hike nature trails, walk on beaches, and explore mangroves and swamps. I am the wildlife spotter. I am totally awesome at this job.

One of our favorite spots is the Safety Harbor marina. If you follow the trail to the boardwalks, you’ll find yourself in mangroves, and that’s where my favorite little critters hide in plain sight – the fiddler crabs. At first glance, you won’t see anything at all, just little holes in the sand. But if you wave your hand, suddenly the ground jumps to life and hundreds of little crabs scamper around. The male crabs are all sporting one ridiculously huge claw, which they use to fight the other males for the best little holes in the sand. I find all of this hilarious. I am easily amused.

I was so inspired by these feisty little critters with their ginormous comical claws that I decided to paint one. Big. Really big. And now there’s a 36″x36″ canvas on my studio table that features one giant fiddler crab, complete with his hugemongous left claw. Here’s a sneak peak of the painting in progress:

Now that all the color is laid in, it’s time for textures. I’ll be busting out my trusty Posca paint pens and some tiny brushes for little details. For the record, I have no idea what this painting will look like once completed. I’m just enjoying the fiddler crab creative journey and I’m excited to see where it takes me. Also this crab needs a name. Feel free to drop me a comment at fromSteph and leave me some suggestions. 🙂

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