New SHINE 2017 Muralists make a Glowing Impression


New SHINE 2017 Muralists make a Glowing Impression


The 2017 SHINE mural fest is on our radar and for a good reason: It has literally become a high art experience managed by the productive St. Pete Arts Alliance.

Viewing the murals has become like going into an art gallery outdoors. The beauty of it all is that it’s volunteer-powered and -inspired. Director Leon Bedore (Tes One) was one of the pioneer muralist enhancing his art with modern graphic design techniques.

This year iconoclast and local artist Chris Parks (Pale Horse) curates the show.

“Right now is such a crucial moment in time for our proud city. We’ve all invested so much to make this place the creative hub that it is,” Parks says on the Shine St. Pete website. The illustrator’s compositions have a lot to do with this change — his State Theater collaboration with Tes One spurred the popularity of downtown’s murals.

Creative Pinellas caught some of the chosen artist inflagranti doing what they do best:


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