New Acquaintance

Had the pleasure of meeting with my mentor Edgar Cumbas again this weekend, but it was not just the two of us. We me at his friend Jay Giroux’s studio in Tampa. If you are not familiar with Jay’s work you should check out his website. He seems to get his hands dirty in a lot of different mediums from repurposed construction supplies to spray paint and printing materials. Besides his paintings, Jay has also designed murals and large scale public works.

Our visit was super relaxed, the three of us sat around his wonderful studio space and talked art. We talked about academia, and its effects on our thinking and making. We covered different artists and processes, and spoke on how important they are to us as creators. There was a discussion about getting exhibitions and gallery representation that left me thinking the whole ride home. I don’t think there was a quiet moment the entire time we were there.

What a great experience to have and to write about. Thanks again Creative Pinellas for this mentor ship opportunity. And thanks Edgar for the new acquaintance, I’m already looking forward to our next visit.

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