Blog #3    May 26, 2000



photo by Tom Kramer

As the Pandemic lengthens and gives evidence of a much longer ‘away’ time, Sparks (title of our project and of our artists’ group) will be changing its focus from in-studio work to virtual workshops and a virtual final performance events.

Ultimately, and should the times permit, we plan to make the necessary adjustments and do our multi-arts public performances later, in person. 

A major goal of this work is to permit me to find new ways of working in a collaborative, inter-arts structure, while giving the artists involved an opportunity to share ideas regarding our work together.   

Well, who knew it would be via computer?  As a really, really low-tech person, I am finding myself being digitally stretched in directions I didn’t expect. Not too sure how I feel about this yet, but thankfully, many of my collaborators are savvy techies and generous with their help.

As a choreographer, my comfort zone lies in working with performers in the studio, beginning with a broad, creative superstructure, introducing thematic material and making on-the-spot artistic changes as necessary.  I treasure the improvisational nature of these work sessions and the intelligent, constructive and often humorous ideas offered by the performers.  Sparks fly and  that always leads me to new investigations. Digital sparks?

We continue to benefit from imaginative ideas and we will continue to work directly from Sheila Cowley’s now-in-flux play, 3-3-3-1,  knowing that she is quick to rewrite as artistic visions change and grow.

The game is afoot, all pun intended.

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