Live call with Emerging Artists grantees


Yesterday was the Emerging artists grantees live discussion.

I hope you were able to see at least some of it, otherwise – replay is available on the creative pinellas facebook page or below.

Once again, it was a first time experience for me – and it is clearly far from my comfort zone to speak in public – but somehow, It seems easier for me behind a screen 🙂

The call made me realize how much I would love to spend more time with the other artists – the diversity of backgrounds, styles and personalities makes the group so rich.

I also enjoyed being able to focus a few hours non-stop on art – my husband was in our bedroom taking care of the kids… The following picture was during our “setup” in the living room.

Several questions were about how important it is to adapt in this crazy time and I realize how much I need to work on my internet visibility. In my upcoming post, I will explain how I am working to restart my Etsy shop and work to compensate some of the income lost due to the absence of art shows…

Hope everyone is safe and well!!


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