“Life In Art” By Nick Davis

Life In Art By Nick Davis


Growing up I’ve always drawn, sketched, doodle. Using scraps of paper or napkins at dinner to recreate cartoon characters or celebrities. I never really saw art as a way of life though or to use art as a source of income. In grade school I did my work and passed but I never really felt like I was good at anything but drawing. Through my adolescence I was so focused on fitting in I neglected my purpose. Seeing my cousins and uncles paint, art kept a level of hope in me that I can really do this. After graduating high school I found myself in college for Radiology. Yes, Radiology. Although it’s a respected career choice it was not what I was created to do. I eventually stopped going to class and found jobs to get by. Even in finding myself I still created art. I would draw pictures for my girlfriend (now wife) for her birthday and Valentine’s Day. Until my birthday in 2018. My wife purchased an iPad and Apple Pencil. Unknown to me this gift would be the start of NDArtlife. Now 4 years later I have become a full time digital artist with hopes of expanding my brand and inspiring my community in knowing without a doubt that their black is beautiful.


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